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Can be characters or real people. These will probably take me a few tries to get right, so don't be surprised if it's taking long. These can also be humanoid robots, demons/angels, or others.
For humanoid animals/dragons, see animals commission below.

NOTE: I won't do anything NSFW. If possible, provide a reference. If not, then give a detailed description of the character.

Todoroki by superultramegatrash [REQUEST] Julian by superultramegatrash Ouma Kokichi [finished colour] by superultramegatrash
Includes dragons. Anthropomorphic animals/furries fall into this category. May take more time depending on complexity. Can also be a combination of various animals. (i.e., a chimera)

NOTE: I will not do anything NSFW. If possible, provide a reference. If not, please give a detailed description.

Lion by superultramegatrash Yet Another Cat Doodle by superultramegatrash Dragon Cat by superultramegatrash
Includes pixel icons and animated icons. Once commissioned, you may use them on any platform with credit.
Please be specific with what you would like.

Digital art of an environment or background. Includes desktop background designs.
Please specify what you would like it to be, i.e. day or night, forested area, space/galaxy, etc.
NOTE: State if you would like a specific colour scheme.

Newest Deviations

Day 6 by superultramegatrash Day 6 :iconsuperultramegatrash:superultramegatrash 1 0 Day 5 by superultramegatrash Day 5 :iconsuperultramegatrash:superultramegatrash 1 0 Days 1-4 by superultramegatrash Days 1-4 :iconsuperultramegatrash:superultramegatrash 1 0 Wat by superultramegatrash Wat :iconsuperultramegatrash:superultramegatrash 4 0 Dragon by superultramegatrash Dragon :iconsuperultramegatrash:superultramegatrash 2 3 Another Lion by superultramegatrash Another Lion :iconsuperultramegatrash:superultramegatrash 3 0 Hello Kitty by superultramegatrash Hello Kitty :iconsuperultramegatrash:superultramegatrash 2 0 Lion by superultramegatrash Lion :iconsuperultramegatrash:superultramegatrash 1 0 My Art Process by superultramegatrash My Art Process :iconsuperultramegatrash:superultramegatrash 3 5
Here are things that I feel wrong about and hate about myself
My best friend doesn't trust me around sharp objects because of how much I've hurt myself
I'm often manipulative without realising it before it's too late
I hate showing my emotions
I'm bad at asking for things
I'm really secretive
Even though I'm hungry, I don't want to eat
I feel like I'm never good enough
I'm good at speaking up for others, but not myself
I have an overbite and gap teeth
I don't care about others' feelings
I think that an animal's life is more valuable than a human's
I'm mean to everyone
I like being alone in the dark
I want to die
I hate my life
I'm irresponsible
I forget things and get distracted easily
I'm scared to get close to people
I'm afraid of failure, but also success
I have really thick hair
I'm afraid of tall people
I inadvertently killed one of my hamsters
I get crushes too easily
I complain a lot
I download apps then never use them
I have to force to do things because I don't have any motiva
:iconsuperultramegatrash:superultramegatrash 1 0
Jeremy's Sexuality by superultramegatrash
Mature content
Jeremy's Sexuality :iconsuperultramegatrash:superultramegatrash 0 0
Todoroki by superultramegatrash Todoroki :iconsuperultramegatrash:superultramegatrash 3 0 Black Hat by superultramegatrash Black Hat :iconsuperultramegatrash:superultramegatrash 8 0 Forest Fire by superultramegatrash Forest Fire :iconsuperultramegatrash:superultramegatrash 3 0 Dragon Cat by superultramegatrash Dragon Cat :iconsuperultramegatrash:superultramegatrash 3 0 Mega Absol by superultramegatrash Mega Absol :iconsuperultramegatrash:superultramegatrash 4 0


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Day 6
I decided to have a bit of variety in skin tone because hecc
Comments/criticisms appreciated!

Day 5
Another for inktober x 31 witches.
Comments/criticisms appreciated!

Days 1-4
I decided to put these in the same picture because they're just quick sketches k did so o could catch up with my inktober x 31 witches thing.
I know these aren't the best not comments/criticisms are always appreciated.

I don't know what to call this.
Comments/criticisms appreciated!

I decided to put flowers to contrast the dragon. Finished this in art class today, after 5 hours across 3 days.
Comments/criticisms appreciated!

Stole meme from :icongnhtd:

Normal Deviant:
[x] You post deviations every few weeks 
[] You have more than 50 watchers
[x] You've been on DeviantArt for longer than a year (just over)
[x] You have friends from DeviantArt
[x] You have drawn Fanart 
[x] You've improved a lot since you've joined  
[x] You've never had more than one account for being banned
[x] You check DA daily 
Total: 7
[] You make normal words sound really cute 
[x] You draw a lot of animals and anything cute
[] You'd rather draw cartoons than Anime
[] Furries freak you out (what?? no)
[x] You use a lot of emoticons 
[] Your favorite DA emote is :3
[/] Most of the animals you draw are multi-colored (i mean do different shades of brown count??)
[] You use faces like >w< and 0w0 a lot 
Total: 2.5
[/] You have a fursona (not really, but I have some vague ideas)
[x] Your fursona is a lot like you in many ways (i mean, its a persona soo)
[/] You love being called a furry (i don't have a problem with it, but i don't necessarily want to be called one)
[/] You are proud to be a furry (I'm not ashamed if you mean that)
[x] You understand the term yiff
[] You would consider your fursona yiffy 
[] You are in the furry fandom. 
[] Your fursona has a "mate"
Total: 3.5
[] You have been on DA for longer than 4 years 
[x] You knew how the old layout was 
[] Some of your favorite artists no longer use DA 
[/] You take DA really seriously (i guess with critiques, theifs, and content)
[] You are popular (hahah... hah... ah... uh... no)
[x] You have drawn more than 2,000 pictures (over my lifetime, yes)
[x] Your art style has changed a lot since you have joined 
Total: 3.5
[] You are a Beta Tester 
[x] You use SAI 
[] You are a pro at shading 
[] Drawing hair or fur is no big deal to you 
[x] You own a tablet 
[x] It takes you longer than 1 hour to draw a drawing (doodles can take 10mins, but drawings...)
[x] Drawing is one of your favorite hobbies 
[/] You love to draw (I like it if it does what i want it to lmao)
Total: 4.5
DA Famous:
[] You have more than 500 watchers (now that might have been motivating, but I never earned it I guess)
[] You have gotten more than 10 pieces of fan art
[] You have more than 15,000 pageviews (nOT EVEN CLOSE)
[] You get more than 10 comments on all of your art 
[] People consider you an Inspiration
[] Fans are always wanting to be your friend 
[] People have told you that you are their idol 
[] You get commissions A LOT 
Total: 0
[] You use MS paint to draw
[] You mostly use shapes in MS paint instead of actually drawing
[] You're younger than 10 
[] You have a lot of people on your block list 
[] You use a lot of bases 
[] You don't know what Guidelines are 
[] You change words a lot because you don't know how to spell them 
Total: 0
DA Addict:
[] You post pictures daily 
[] You are always checking your friend list to see who you could talk to 
[] You have more than 1,000 favorites (almost)
[x] You check DA daily
[] DA is your favorite site 
[] You're on everyone's visitor list 
[] You read the terms for fun
[] You always write journals 
Total: 1
[ ] Your OC/Fursona is a wolf 
[] Most of your pictures are based off of music 
[] You love to draw people kissing
[] You're an expert at wolf/dog anatomy
[x] You love techno music 
[/] You love creepypasta (some are good but not all)
[] You want to marry Slenderman 
[/] You refer to him as "Slendy" (as a joke)
Total: 2


superultramegatrash's Profile Picture
Caroline Lakis
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Caroline | they/them | cat enthusiast | emo | anime
I don't claim to own any characters that aren't mine!! all credit to original creators!!
casual nerd looking to improve~
and I also make a ton of typos.
enjoy I guess :P
sorry I haven't been able to thank people for favourites, watches and the like. Thanks for any badges, favourites, watches, and comments!
Also feel free to post my art on websites with credit~

Friends on DA:
:iconsummerkitten15: <<<<<BFF

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also im not really sure of my gender rn so if you could refer to me was they/them that would make me happy thx
other DA account below if you want to see cancer vvv



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This picture seems very flat. There isn't any shading or background to give the illusion of depth, making it hard to place where everyt...

I really like this! The ironic title gives it a nice touch. I also like how detailed the features are. The expression and tensed muscle...

I'm not going to lie to you, I think this is awful. The body looks too long and thin, the legs look too short, the hair doesn't look po...

I am in love with this. The contrast of the colours and patterns gives this a charm that I don't see often. I also love the contrast of...

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